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Bird List
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Wildlife shelter

Seatrees Farm has been a licensed Wildlife Shelter since 2000. This entails the care of injured and orphaned wildlife.

Seatrees Education
One of our principal goals at Seatrees Farm is to help you learn and appreciate the beauty of the coastal environment.

White Naped Honeyeater
Uncommon | Season: Summer
Remarks: Seen in flocks occasionally in summer.
Willy Wagtail
Common | Season: All Year
Remarks: Seen all over though more Fantails than Wagtails here.
Yellow Robin
Common | Season: All Year
Remarks: Lots around. Sit quite still in bushes. Likes mince meat.





White Throated Needletail
Uncommon | Season: Febuary-March
Remarks: Seen ceaselessly flying in the thermals of hot days preceeding a thunderstorm.
Wood Duck
Common | Season: All Year
Remarks: Lots around the dam. Breed every year.
Yellow Rumped Thornbil
Common | Season: All Year
Remarks: White eyes and bright yellow rump. Not as common as brown.
Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
Common | Season: All Year
Remarks: Large, slow flying birds usually in a flock. Perch on top of pine trees eating cones.
Yellow-Faced Honey Eater
Common | Season: Summer
Remarks: Spends summer to autumn here and leaves in flocksin April for Queensland.