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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do the cottages differ?
A: Stone Cottage is rustic, atmospheric and olde-worlde. It is open plan with stairs leading to the mezzanine with Queen size bed. Downstairs has the kitchen, dining and lounge area and a separate simple bathroom. Large open fireplace.Ideal for one or two. Seanook is spacious. It has two en-suite bedrooms (one with small spa) and very generous living and dining areas and
front deck.It has a fully set up modern kitchen.Great window seats. Reef and Cove Cottages are small and cosy with two bedrooms and combined dining, living and galley kitchen. No internal stairs, so easy access. Cove has bigger bathroom with bath and laundry facilities. Window seats in both.

Q: Do the cottages have a view of the ocean?
A: All cottages have unsurpassed views of the ocean and sky as our property borders the coast. You’ll experience all types of seas, rainbows, sunrise and sunsets and the elements in all their beauty.

Q: Are the cottages secluded and private?
Each cottages is situated in its own little world, so you can bunker in and be completely private. There is thick bushland between all cottages, and each has its own  road in and private walking track to the coast.

Q: Are dogs allowed inside the cottages?
Dogs are completely welcome inside the cottages. In fact, they have to be with you in your cottage, as there are no fences in the immediate surrounds and we value the wildlife who live on Seatrees Farm.

Q: Are there off-leash beaches near the cottages?
Absolutely. All of the beaches in front of the cottages are all-year, off-leash.

Q: How long does it take to walk from the cottages to the coast?
The cottages are on a rise, which explains their fantastic views. So, walking to the coast down your own private track onto the farmland and then to the coast takes about five minutes. The return walk takes a little longer because it’s uphill.

Q: Are there any roads between the cottages and the ocean?

Q: Will my dog be safe from other dogs during my stay?
We understand that your dog is your family and deserves to have the best holiday possible. We therefore have strong conditions on dogs not being allowed to roam around, being on-leash when outside the cottages and being under control at all times. We fortunately have very responsible guests at Coast Cottages.

Q: How long does it take to drive to Apollo Bay from Melbourne?
Depends on whether you take the Great Ocean Road, or Cape Otway Road which takes slightly less time. On average, about three hours.