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Wildlife Shelter  

Seatrees Farm has been a licensed Wildlife Shelter since 2000. This entails the care of injured and orphaned wildlife.
Over these years we have successfully raised orphaned joeys and rehabilitated injured mammals and birds to release back into the wild.

Mammals we have helped.
Swamp Wallabies, Koalas, Platypus, Sugar Gliders, Ringtail Possums, Brushtail Possums, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Echidnas and Seals
To learn more about some of our mammal friends
we have helped click on the picture to the right

Meet Some of our friends
Learn more about what we do and to meet some of our friends including Fern the Swamp Wallaby or Bindi the Sugar Glider, click the image to the left.

Seagoing birds we have helped include:
Penguins, Shearwaters, Gannnets, Petrels

Land-based birds we have helped include:
Goshawk, King Parrot, Tawny Frogmouth, Eastern Bristle Bird, Olive Whistler, Cuckoo Shrike, Yellow Robin, Welcome Swallow, Eastern Rosella, New Holland Honey Eater and the Yellow-faced Honey Eater.

Reptiles we have helped include:
Blue Tongue Lizard and the Turtle

Human activities often have a devastating impact on Australia's wildlife, resulting in many sick, injured and orphaned animals and birds every year.
Natural events such as fires, storms and floods can also result in injury and orphaned animals. Wildlife care is an important way of coping with some of the damage we cause to wildlife populations.

All wildlife rescue and care is carried out on a voluntary basis and all costs including equipment such as heat pads, carry baskets, food and enclosures are met by the individual shelter. Some animals need to stay in care for up to 18 months. Any assistance in the form of a donation is a great help.

The long planned state-of-the art fox/cat proof enclosure has been completed and its first residents - Ringtail Possums (Spindle, Sparrow, Bertie and Button) and Apollo, the Koala - enjoyed the large space that allowed them to get fit and agile prior to their release back into the wild.

Wildlife Enclosure Apollo the Koala in the Wildlife Enclosure